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Digital Displays in Multiple Sizes

energiLoop Kiosk

Durable and dependable, the energiLoop Kiosk allows your employees, customers or students to interact in real-time with your energy data. Featuring a multi-touch 28" high resolution display, the energiLoop Kiosk offers maximum engagement with your energy projects.

energiLoop Monitor

The energiLoop Monitor is a line of professional large format HD resolution Digital Displays ranging from 27" to 55". Each energiLoop Monitor uses energy conserving LED technology, and will automatically shut down during non-business hours. the energiLoop Monitor can be mounted on the wall or can sit free-standing on a desk or table.

energiLoop for Tablets

energiLoop for Tablets provides maximum flexibility for your Digital Display needs. energiLoop for Tablets work with iOS and all major Android OS devices. Since your energiLoop Tablet device has its own battery and WiFi connectivity, you can provide Digital signage anywhere. As a result, energiLoop for Tablet devices is perfect for remote locations, Company pop-ups, and Trade Shows.

Why Digital Displays

ENGAGEMENT: The sharing of goals improves the likelihood of success of an energy project

FEEDBACK: Using feedback that incorporates goals is the best way to get people to cut back on their energy use. But don't take our word for it. According to a report published in the journal Psychological Bulletin, researchers found that, "Results showed that the studies with the least engaging feedback, like summarizing energy usage on a utility bill, were the least effective, while something more engaging, like home computer software that details energy use in real time, was the most effective in conserving energy use." The Effects of Feedback on Energy Conservation: A Meta-Analysis (PDF, 196KB). energiLoop was created to help our customers not only share information, but to engage their constituents in the overall success of the project through providing energy goals and feedback in real-time.

Companies that set a monthly electricity goal in dollars, kilowatt-hours or carbon dioxide emissions and then allow employees to see how well they’re meeting their goals over time are best at enabling the business to lower its electricity use.

About energiLoop

It started with a customer request ...

Welcome to energiLoop. We are experts in solar generation, energy storage, energy efficiency, and demand reduction services. After completing their energy project, we noticed that our customers were looking for a way to share their excitement with their Employees, Customers or Students. The energiLoop series of products: Kiosk, Monitor and Tablet were created to help our customers share information about their project within their communities.


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